The man who read all the small print on the internet

Very nice piece in The Guardian by someone who decided not to do anything before he’d read all the terms and conditions first. Did you know Sony is allowed to brick your (offline!) Playstation if you were to translate the PS4 software?

The article makes a great case for increasing negotiating power of consumers. See

Microsoft announces new Skype ToS

Microsoft has announced that Skype will be governed by the new Microsoft Services Agreement and the Microsoft Privacy Statement from 1st August 2015.

This is part of an effort to standardise all services under a single Terms of Service document and Privacy Policy. Less terms of service to read should be good for consent, but Microsoft provides such a broad range of services that such a document might be too vague to really inform digital citizens about what, specificcally, is happening to their data. Google took a lot of flack, including a fine from the French data protection body when it tried a similar unification in 2012.

When Microsoft acquired Skype in 2011, we brought together our communication technologies to help you stay closer to friends, family and colleagues. And, if you’re like millions of other people who use a number of Microsoft’s services (for example, for email, Bing, Xbox, Office 365, etc.) we’re making life a little easier for everyone. How? Well, most of Microsoft’s consumer services are being brought together under a single Microsoft Services Agreement and a consolidated Microsoft Privacy Statement.

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Meanwhile, Apple assumes that bloggers consent to the terms of service for its forthcoming News service unless they opt-out – Apparently even if they’ve never heard of it!

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