Workshop on Meaningful Consent in the Digital Economy 2015 (Sold Out)

The Meaningful Consent in the Digital Economy project (MCDE) is hosting is an interdisciplinary workshop on issues related to giving and obtaining user consent online, with special emphasis on privacy and data protection. This will be an exciting opportunity to hear from, and network with, members of academia, industry and policy, and to shape current thinking and research around digital consent in the UK, Europe and abroad.

We are honoured to be joined by an array of leading researchers and experts. Speakers include Iain Bourne from the UK Information Commissioner’s Office, Natasa-Milic Frayling from Microsoft Research and Soren Preibusch from Google. Representatives from academia include Michelle Baddeley from UCL, Doc Searls from Harvard, Martha Russell from Stanford and Ilaria Liccardi from MIT. Our programme covers a diverse range of topics; from policy, law and economics to human behaviour, interaction and artificial intelligence.

This workshop will take place at the University of Southampton, UK from 23 to 24 February 2015.

Full Workshop Call for Participation


All the spaces have now been filled, but a waiting list is open at

Venue & Directions

The workshop will take place at the University of Southampton’s Wide Lane Conference centre. We have prepared a map of the workshop venue which shows the station, airport, premier inn as well as the location of Highfield Campus (which also serves as the Unlink Bus Interchange) and the location of the Highfield House Hotel.

By Train

All trains from London Waterloo to Southampton Central, Bournemouth and Weymouth stop at Southampton Airport (Parkway), which is a very short walk from the conference centre.

The conference centre is located just across the road from the railway station. From London, you need to cross the footbridge before exiting the station. There is a pedestrian crossing on Wide Lane outside the station and the conference centre can be accessed through a cutway once you’ve crossed the road.

By Bus

The U1A regularly serves Southampton Airport. Alight at the stop just past the Premier Inn. The station is to the left – Cross the footbridge and follow the directions above. Buses to Southampton (U1C) can be caught from outside the entrance to the Airport Terminal.


There is a Premier Inn conveniently located at the Airport, a short walk from the venue.

We’ve also negotiated a preferential rate – of £66.00 per night – at the Highfield House Hotel which is located close to the university’s Highfield campus – Just mention that you’re part of the “meaningful consent workshop” when booking by phone or email.

Premier Inn (Southampton Airport)

Highfield House Hotel


More information about visiting Southampton can be found on Discover Southampton.


The provisional programme is as follows.

Monday 23rd February

  1. 10:30 – Registration and Coffee
  2. 11:00 – Welcome by m.c. schrafel
  3. 11:15 – Doc Searls (Havard University). The Power of the Individual as an Equal in Digital Relationships
  4. 11:45 – Ice breaker + coffee
  5. 12:00 – Iain Bourne (Information Commissioner’s Office). Consent and its Alternatives in EU Data Protection Law – Empowering Citizens or Annoying Them?
  6. 12:15 – Lunch
  7. 13:15Session I – Policy, Economics and Law Chair: Richard Gomer
    1. Jonathan Cave (RAND Europe/University of Warwick). Privacy as an Economic and a Human Right in a Post-Human World.
    2. Emma Cradock (University of Southampton). The UK Legal Framework for Privacy Policies.
    3. Michelle Baddeley (University College London). The Economics of Online Deception.
  8. Panel discussion
  9. 14:30 – Natasa Milic-Frayling (Microsoft Research). Real-Time ad Bidding and Personal Surveillance.
  10. 14:45 – Coffee break (15 m)
  11. 15:00Session II – Interaction and technology Chair: Enrico Gerding
    1. Ilaria Liccardi (MIT/Oxford). SocialPrivacy: Users and Consent: Friend or Foe?
    2. Andrew McStay (Bangor University). What of consent in an age of empathic media?
    3. Ewa Luger (Microsoft Research/ Corpus Christi College). Unfavorable Terms of Agreement; the Problem with Terms and Conditions.
    4. Tim Baarslag (University of Southampton). Negotiation: A Practical Mechanism to Obtain Meaningful Consent.
  12. Panel discussion
  13. 16:30 – Coffee break (15 m)
  14. 16:45Session III – Privacy and Human Behaviour Chair: Michael Vlassopoulos
    1. Sören Preibusch (Google). The Value of Privacy in Web Search.
    2. Laura Brandimarte (Carnegie Mellon University). The Limits of Control and Transparency.
    3. Kat Krol (University College London). Enabling Informed Personal Information Disclosure in Web Forms.
    4. Helia Marreiros (University of Southampton). Information and Online Privacy – Experimental Evidence.
  15. Panel discussion
  16. 18:30 – End of first day

Tuesday 24th February

  1. 09:00 – Coffee and cookies
  2. 09:30 – Recap of 1st day
  3. 09:45 – Peter Ward (IIPSI, University of Warwick). Data Ownership and Privacy: the Hub-of-All-Things.
  4. 10:00Session IV – Interaction and technology II Chair: m.c. schraefel
    1. Martha Russell (Stanford University). Contextual Complexities in Informed Consent for Wellness and Workplace Applications.
    2. Adrian Letchford – (Warwick Business School). Telling stories with data.
    3. Pär Lannerö (CommonTerms). Five years fighting the Biggest Lie – some conclusions.
    4. Richard Gomer (University of Southampton). It’s not the Cookie, Stupid: Alternative Narratives to Support User Understanding.
  5. Panel discussion
  6. 11:15 – Coffee (15 m)
  7. 11:30 – Round table (working on themes)
  8. 12:30 – Lunch
  9. 13:15 – Round table (working on themes – continue)
  10. 14:00 – Presentation of round table discussions
  11. 15:00 – Wrap up and feedback + coffee
  12. 15:30 – End of the workshop

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